Using Pinterest to Grow your Blog. Really why? Many people think of Pinterest as a social media site. But how much interaction do you actually see on Pinterest? Probably not a lot. You can message people through Pinterest and re-pin a Pin. But there really isn’t much social activity there. Not like SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Pinterest is a search engine. Think of Google with lots of pictures. You can search for everything on Pinterest and guess what it gives you lots and lots of information.

Pinterest isn’t just for recipes, clothing or makeup. It has everything and it is very easy to get lost in it. I find that it is addicting and a stress reliever. I find my monthly nail ideas on there. I’ve become somewhat of a girly girl when it comes to my nails. I get them done every three weeks and I choose all my designs from Pinterest.

Pinterest is So Much More

But Pinterest is so much more. Go over to Pinterest and take a look at it. Now, do me a favor and type at the top of the search part and look for how to start a blog. What do you find there? You find article after article on how to start a blog from your fellow bloggers. And now tell me what happens when you click the picture. Not repin it but actually click on the picture. You are direct to an article or a blog post on how to start a blog.

Who knows you may have found this article on there. If you did then that shows that my information is correct. But how can that help you grow your blog? Well simple the more you post on Pinterest the more clicks to your articles and you slowly start growing your followers and then your loyal fans that visit your site whenever you post a new post.

Perks of Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

Using Pinterest is fun and easy. But using it to grow your blog can be confusing, but really it is not hard. It is a little slower than running ads on Facebook or even Google possibly. But I haven’t spent a cent on Pinterest ads and that is where almost all my traffic comes from. I would say 90% of it on my Keto website. And you know what? It actually boosts your rankings on Google slowly.

You don’t have to have a huge following on there either. I started out with none and I started seeing results and I can tell you that my pins weren’t award-worthy. They were basic pins. I have evolved since then and found whats work for my audience and have slowly built a small business from it.

And what is even better you can now add a video to Pinterest and that may even help your YouTube channel if you have one. This is not something I have experimented with as of yet. But it is in this year’s plans.

My Easy Method of Using Pinterest

My method of using Pinterest is easy.

  • I create a blog post like this one
  • I create a pin that I have posted as soon as I publish my blog through Social Warfare social media app
  • I use Canva and I create 7-10 pins that I can share from each blog post.
  • I then use Tailwind to schedule those posts. They go out however I schedule them. We go in some detail on how to use Tailwind.

I really don’t think I could live without any of those programs or apps. They are time-savers and mind savers.