Hey, There!
I’m Jennie.

I have so many ideas in my head at any given time I am not sure how I am able to keep them all straight. 

I am an entrepreneur at heart and my goal is to help other women just like me, find their passion and build 6-7+ figure businesses through affiliate marketing. 

I started this site back in 2017 as a web designer and developer, which I still currently do. But, I found that I am multi-passionate in my business and I didn’t know where I could share my love of affiliate marketing without going way out of my niche and target market.

But I found a way, by creating my own brand which is me, I can share my love of building websites and the products that I use in my home office and around my home that make it possible to follow my passions.

I can do what I love by helping other women create sites to share products they love while creating a business that can keep them at home or free up time so they can enjoy traveling and working from anywhere they want to.

A month from now…

You can either have a month of progress


A month of excuses why you didn’t.

My Mission

“Is to help women create an online business they can do from anywhere, around their busy lives and schedules.”

It’s a Lifestyle


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