What is it about this bad boy that catches the heart of the mother of two boys and abusive past, why would she even be drawn to him? L. Wilder will tell you why in her latest novel Widow’s Undoing- Ruthless Sinners MC.

This the 4th book in L. Wilders Ruthless Sinners MC series.


Frankie Sullivan was everything I wasn’t.

She hadn’t let her past break her.
She was loving, beautiful and strong.
She’d held on to the hope for a better tomorrow–not only for herself but for her two boys.
Frankie was a woman who deserved more.

My past had broken me.
It had left me cold, callous and full of rage.
Hope no longer existed for me.
I wasn’t a man who could be more.

Believing I wasn’t what she needed, I’d tried to resist the pull I felt towards her.
But all the little things–her smile, her light, the feel of her skin on mine–drew me in.

It was all the little things that would become my undoing.

Widow will have you rooting for forgiveness, mended hearts, and second chances.
Widow’s Undoing is a standalone MC romance with a group of bikers who will take you on a hell of a ride. They’re foul-mouthed, possessive alphas who will do whatever it takes to protect the women they love. There are some heavy topics in this story that some might find troubling, but rest assured, the HEA will have you begging for more. No cliffhanger and no cheating. Enjoy the ride!


L. Wilder has a way with words that bring you into the life of the characters. You feel the emotions and can see the story unfold and this book was no different in that aspect. I love the character development of Frankie and Roman aka Roman. But I wish there was more to story. That is the only thing negative I have to say about it. I wish there was more.

Frankie and Widow’s chemistry was off the chart and the draw was amazing. Then you add the kids to the mix and the perfect family unit. I hate Widow’s back story it tugged at my heart because I have seen children in that exact situation. And then Frankie, her story is heartbreaking, I know, I have lived it. Thank goodness, I hadn’t had kids. I found my Widow with my husband, without the motorcycle, but not for the lack of trying to get him. He wants one too.

I haven’t found one of L. Wilder’s books that I haven’t loved. I won’t say this is my absolute favorite of them, but this is in the top. It was so close to home and that is why I it is not my top. But I recommend it full heartedly to anyone that loves a true love story with hot steamy alpha male who will do what is necessary to protect his significant other even before he knows he’s her other half.

I would love to tell you the whole story but you can get your copy today and read it for yourself.

Also why you are at it check out the sample site I put together for L. Wilder that she is hoping to get soon.