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What is Affiliate Marketing and How do you Get Started with It?

So what exactly is Affiliate Marketing and how do you get started with it? Well, let’s answer that first question with the the definition of Affiliate Marketing:

“most of my earnings are from affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and sponsored posts”
This is directly from the Oxford Dictionary.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement in which affiliates receive a commission for each visit, signup or sale they generate for a merchant

Cord Wrap

Kajabi says Affiliate Marketing is when you sell somebody else’s product online for a commission

I think those three definitions of affiliate marketing tell you clearly enough what affiliate marketing is. So let’s get on to the more exciting material. The How?

Everyone has at one time or another clicked on an affiliate link while shopping online. And even if you don’t think you have you most likely have.

You go to the internet and look up the best computers in this price range. Or as a parent, you look up the best cribs for newborns? And you get some articles that have reviews on the product you are looking up and links to the products – those are affiliate links.

So now where does an affiliate get those links from?

They get them from the merchant’s affiliate program. Over 80% of companies have affiliate programs with Amazon being the largest according to Influencer Marketing Hub. There are numerous other big stores that also have affiliate programs such as Best Buy, Walmart and Sephora

So How Do You Become an Affiliate for these Companies?

Well, it is actually pretty simple you apply to their affiliate programs. Once approved you can get a link in the back end of their dashboard. Let’s take Amazon for example. They call it Amazon Associates Account (I have provided the link directly to the sign up page for you.)

With Amazon they actually have a bar that will become visible to you like the one pictured below.

Amazon Associates Bar - Affiliate marketing

You would search for the product that you want to promote on your site, Facebook, or any other social media site and you would create a post around it or a video and then you would link to that product. This is, however, not the way you should be doing it but it is one way of doing it. 

How You Should Be Creating Links for Promoting

Creating a TikTok is a great way to start promoting products and you can use the links on a linktr.ee or a StanStore where you can have multiple links on one page but also a way to have Amazon see where your link is coming from. Because with Amazon they have to be able to see that information. If you watch my video I go into all the details of setting up your Amazon Associates account and what they need. 

Now while Amazon is a great place to get started with affiliate marketing it can be hard and their commission rate is very low, 1-4% on most products. And that is why I have incorporated High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing


Legendary Marketers 15-Day Business Builder Challenge Image - Education on how to get started with affiliate marketing
Video Ranking academy - how to get started with Youtube and how to do affiliate marketing on Youtube
72 Hour Challenge - how to start with affiliate marketing

So What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is when you promote a product that has a higher price tag, usually over $1000 and you earn a 30-50% commission on it.  And Search Engine Journal lists some of the top affiliate programs that you can earn up to $2000 each time you make a sale of the product.

My top commissions come from courses and software systems that I use or promote such as Legendary Marketer where I learned how to do High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and if you would like to learn also just click the link to get started.

Some of the other things I earn a commission on are:

  1. Funnel Builders
    1. Click Funnels
    2. Systeme.io
  2. Autoresponders – Email Marketing
    1. ConvertKit
    2. Aweber
    3. Get Response
  3. Courses I’ve Taken
    1. 15-Day Business Builders Challenge
    2. Video Ranking Academy
    3. 72 Hour Freedom Challenge


Now finding out what you want to promote is where things can get difficult. You need to niche that you want to promote products from. Some of the most popular niches of 2023 are technology, wealth building, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, lifestyle, hobby, pet care and travel.  But here are many others if none of those fit your needs.

Once you find your Niche you will go to the biggest website of the world Google and type in your niche+affiliate program. So say if you are doing dogs as your niche you would type in Dog Affiliate programs.

Dog affiliate programs - how to find affiliate marketing programs

Once you type that in you will get a search results from Google with quite a few different affiliate programs you can apply to and promote.

Amazon Search Results - how to start affiliate marketing

When you find out the product you want to promote you set up a funnel, and email sequence in your auto-responder, and start creating content to send to your funnel that will collect emails for future products you want to promote and also an email campaign to promote the product you are promoting. And when you make a sale you will earn a commission and then you just rinse and repeat.

Now to Answer the Question you are all Dying to Ask – Is It Really that Easy?

And the answer is complicated. Because yes it is that easy. But no it is not easy to do. Most people give up before they succeed at it. And the reason they don’t succeed is that they are not finding the correct target market. They are just promoting the product without hitting the pain points and are not set up for success because they don’t have the education or skills to be successful. That is why I recommend starting with the 15-Day Business Builders Challenge which will give you the education you need to get the grasp of affiliate marketing.

Now with the 15-Day Business Builders Challenge which is $7, they will offer you upsells to start that are all optional, and then on day 3 they will offer the blueprints which are also optional. You can succeed without them and you will still have access to an amazing community with Legendary but also I have a small facebook group and you will have access to me through email, Facebook and if need be text. And I do a weekly Video on YouTube teaching you the things I learn on my journey in affiliate marketing.



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