So you ask how to start affiliate marketing in 2022, it is actually quite simple.

  1. You find the niche that you have a true passion for, that you want to work in and you are able to talk hours and hours about.
    • My niche is website design and helping others add income streams to their business. But I promote mostly to authors, editors, and cover designers in the indie industry. As they are my passion and they are who I love. Not that I don’t love you if you are reading this. But that is what I chose as my niche market. But that doesn’t mean that what I am about to show you will not work for you.
    • The reason I say that you need to be able to talk about it for hours and hours is that that is what you will need to do. You will need to be able to create content for your niche. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it is good if you are able to talk about it and have some good knowledge.
    • Also, if you can niche down really granular it will even be better, because, you can target that market even better. Let’s say you want to do dogs, and then you decide you want to dog training, and then you narrow it down even more to dog training for dogs who have separation anxiety.
  2. Now, you will want to go and look at different products that you use in your niche or actually brands. Like if your passion is dogs, and you are doing dog training you can go to Clickbank, Shareasale, or you can google dog training affiliate programs.
    • I do recommend that you use Clickbank to start out. Sometimes, they will have you verify your account by sending in a picture of your identification. But don’t worry, you will get approved after you verify some information.
    • Below is what your Clickbank dashboard will look like.
    • Go to the hamburger menu to then click the little icon that looks like a shop and then search for the type of product you want to do use.

After you have found the program you want to start promoting and are approved to promote it, is when the work is going to come in. Now it is not hard, really it isn’t. It is just a new type of skill you will need to learn. I do recommend that you at least take the 15 Day Challenge it is only $7 and it will give you a pretty good place to start. There are options in 15 Day Challenge to get more education to help you grow your online marketing skills. Also, there is my facebook group that you can join that I just started for anyone that wants to learn how to do digital marketing.

Promoting your Affiliate Marketing Products

Promoting your products is all about creating relationships with your ideal client. The people that you want to buy your product. Let’s go back to your niche. Dog Training, you are targeting people that have dogs, that need some training. Whether that be to stop barking, puppy training or whatever type of training dogs may need.

I know that my dog needed help with potty training, my big dogs were easy but little ones, dang they are hard.

So how do you do this?

First, learn about your product. Then take some time to set up a TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and I highly recommend a Pinterest account. You can read some of my articles on Setting up Pinterest here. There is also a YouTube video for it. This is how to set it up for authors, but you can use it for any type of niche. If you would like more help getting set up. Reach out to me in the FaceBook Group, I’d be more than happy to help you.

Now, I do recommend a funnel or at least a landing page for your product so that you can capture your target markets emails, because that is where the sales will come from. Don’t just go putting the links all over the place and hope for sales. You need to nurture them.

So How Do You Set up a Funnel or Landing Page

You can do that a few different ways, you can create an account in ConvertKit or you can do a full on Funnel through either you can sign up there or ClickFunnels. I will do a training on this soon. But this is just a beginners guide on getting started. I still recommend taking the 15 Day Challenge. As they go into some great detail on the funnels.

But you can do it by just creating a landing page so that you can collect emails. And offer some type of incentive like 7 ways to get your dog to sit. Or something, to that effect and just create a simple PDF and send it out to your warm leads who click on your landing page.

Creating a Way for People to Go to Your Landing Page

The work.

  1. Create content for your market to read
  2. Create posts on social media from your new accounts
  3. Create Youtube Videos if you want to do long form video content that your target market will eat up put the link to your landing page in your description.
  4. Create stories on IG
  5. Interact with your ideal client
  6. Then set up your email automation so that they receive emails frequently from you.
  7. My favorite is blogging and Pinterest.

I will be adding to my YouTube Channel more as I am getting more comfortable with video as I use TikTok and reels now. I recommend trying it and just build your platforms. And repurpose your content for different platforms, I will be doing a YouTube video on that soon.

Email is the Gold of your Business

Email is where you build the know, like and trust so that they will purchase from you. The more you converse with them through email giving them content they can use, they will begin to trust you. But also they will buy from you more that once a lot of times because they will trust the information you have to offer them.

But the biggest thing, be patient, this is not a get rich scheme that will make you over night. It takes time and working it everyday even after you see sales. You always need to nurture and show up for your target market. You can create a passive income where you don’t have to work your 9-5, but you will still need to work, but you will be the boss of your own time.