Pinterest is really simple to use but I find it is one of the most under utilized tools out there for businesses. After talking to many of my clients they had never thought of using Pinterest as a marketing avenue. They saw it as just a place for pretty pictures and food ideas. Never realizing that each time they go on there and click a link they are finding something they needed just as they do on google. And like other social media sites they don’t fall to the bottom of the barrel at the end of the hour.

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In the video above I talk about how to get started with Pinterest for your business. It is a short introduction to me and how I use Pinterest to grow my business and how I have started seeing some progress getting more people to my blog and to YouTube videos.

Go over and watch the video. This is the first in a series on how to use Pinterest to grow your business and also how to drive traffic to it. I focus on Indie authors but this can work for anyone in about any industry.

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